Product Insurance

It is a condition of the hire purchase agreement that your product(s) must be insured against loss caused by accidental damage, fire and theft. 

You will be required to provide an up to date policy schedule before you take delivery of the goods.

Alternatively, Product Insurance Cover is available. The insurance is provided by us, Ashton TV & Video Services Limited, trading as ashtontv, the provider of your hire purchase goods. 

Our head office is at Suite 11, Astra Business Centre, Roman Way, Preston, PR2 5AP.

What is Product Insurance Cover?

Product Insurance Cover provides cover for loss arising from the theft of your hire purchase goods or any loss or damage to them caused by fire or accident. It does not cover you if you lose the product.

It does not cover loss or damage to anything other than hire purchase goods provided by BrightHouse.


How to make a claim

If you need to make a claim, you should contact the ashtontv store at which your hire purchase agreement is administered.

You should note that if the hire purchase goods have been stolen or have been damaged beyond economic repair, we shall make a payment equal to the amount of loss suffered by ashtontv direct to ashtontv, not to you. ashtontv will then use that money in or towards replacing the lost goods with goods of an equivalent age and general (or better) specification. 

These replacement goods will then be provided to you and your hire purchase agreement will continue as normal.

If you would like a copy of your full policy schedule, please contact your local store or Customer Relations on 01772 720099.