Delivery & Installation

  • Yes, we offer delivery of all items, big or small. New items are subject to a £10 administration fee unless it’s a large item requiring a 2-man team in which case, there will be a £20 admin fee payable together with your first instalment payment.
  • Our helpful engineers will install all items and provide a full demonstration.

Please note: We cannot install cookers of any variety, but we can still provide and deliver these appliances.

Please note: We do not routinely offer integrated appliances however, we can, subject to individual enquiry, supply integrated appliances and provide delivery.

How soon can I expect Delivery?

On successful application we endeavour to get your item you within 24-48hours (unless there is a specified date from you). Often, we will try to get the item to you the same day, depending on the number of allocated delivery slots.

What is required from me on Delivery?

  • If you are a new customer, we require your first instalment (one week or one month) plus which ever admin fee applies, this can be paid by cash or card.
  • We also need two forms of identification; we accept the following; Driving License with correct address, Utility Bills, Council tax Bill, Tenancy Agreement, Proof of benefit payments, Bank Statements