What is the application process?

Firstly, select the item(s) you are looking for, add them to the basket and follow the onscreen instructions, filling in as much detail about yourself as your possible can. One of our friendly members of staff will then give you a call to go through the remainder of the process.

Will there be a credit check?

Yes. As with all credit applications and being a responsible lender, we are duty bound to check your financial situation based on the information you give to us during your application process. Anyone submitting an application for items with us implies consent for us to conduct soft credit checks with the details provided.

What if I fail the credit check?

All is not lost… in these circumstances, more often than not, we can offer you an alternative to give you a similar item to what you have applied for. We are here to help you and although some situations limit our ability to do this, each application is taken on its own merit, and we will do everything we can to come to an arrangement.

What if I have a CCJ?

Unfortunately, if you have a live or unsettled CCJ we will be unable to approve an application on a Rental Purchase basis, however we may be able to assist with a similar item on a rental only basis in the first instance.

I’m not currently in employment and in receipt of benefits, can I still apply?

Yes. We will consider all applications on individual merit and a decision is made based on affordability and the answers to your application questions when we give you a call. It is important that you have all your information to hand including household income, individual income and any outgoings that are deducted from this income. Including any current finance, rent etc. We have a responsibility to ensure you can afford what you are applying for.

Does the type of property I live in effect my application?

On most occasions property type does not affect your application however, if you live in a block of flats, with a communal door where access is gained via buzzer, fob etc then unfortunately we are unable to approve your application. If you live in a flat with your own front door i.e access directly from the street, then we this will not have a negative effect on your application.

What areas do you serve?

All Preston AREA (PR postcodes ) & Surrounding Towns & Villages (PR, FY, BB, BL, WN, LA, L39, L40).

Blackburn, Blackpool, Chorley, Clitheroe, Euxton, Leyland, Leigh, Lytham, Lancaster (Morecombe), St.Annes, Barton, Broughton, Catforth, Goosnargh, Grimsargh, Haighton, Inglewhite, Longridge, Warton, Whitechapel, Woodplumpton, Wigan, Freckleton, Kirkham, Wesham – Surrounding areas.

All South Ribble areas.

What if there is an issue with my Rental Purchase product?

In the event of an issue with your item, please call the office on 01772 720099 in the first instance, we will do our best to troubleshoot common issues over the phone with you, most issues are rectified in this way however, in the event we cannot resolve the problem, most items come with a manufacturers warranty which routinely covers parts and labour for 1 year. We will direct you on what to do should this be the case.

Please note: warranties are subject to each brand and item within a brand range and can vary. Warranties will not cover for damage to products caused by the user, whether that be accidental or through recklessness.

What if there is an issue with my Rental Product?

This is the beauty of Rental. In the event of breakdown or unknown fault, please call the office on 01772 720099. We will try and rectify the problem over the phone to get you back on track as quickly as possible, if this is unsuccessful one of our engineers will be with you as soon as possible, most often the same day, to get you back under way with most issues resolved in your own home.

If your item requires further investigation or there is a more significant fault which means we must take it with us, we will replace this with a loan (as close as possible to your item) so that you are not left without.

If your item is beyond repair, we will ensure you are given a like for like replacement for the remainder of your contract.

Who do I speak to about my account?

Please direct all account enquiries to the office on 01772 720099, the engineers who deliver your products are unlikely to be able to answer account question whilst at your address as they do not have access to the full system whilst out and about.

What happens if I wish to terminate my agreement and return my items?

Rental contracts are subject to an 18-month minimum term of hire. Outside of this period you will be placed on a rolling monthly contract, then you can either return your items, upgrade your items or if happy with what you have, keep your current item. You cannot terminate a rental term mid contract.

Rental Purchase contracts have terms of 52 or 104 weeks. The item will remain the property of Ashton TV until you have made your final payment at the end of the periods previously stated. Whilst it is not something we advocate, if you are experiencing difficulties and you wish to terminate this type of contract midterm you can do so, provided you have paid at least 50% of the total balance owed and you facilitate the safe return of goods without damage.

Can I buy a product outright?

Of course, whilst we offer rental and rental purchase on all products, you can still buy a product outright and get the same delivery and installation service our finance and rental customers receive.

What happens if my banking details change during my contract term?

This is not a problem, if on weekly/ monthly payments from your bank card just remember to give us a call and update us with the new details to prevent failed payments and any escalation to your account.

If you are on Direct Debit, this is far more secure, and payments will not be affected if you receive/ need a new card. The only time we will need an update is if you change banks, but most banks migrate all your payments across to prevent disruption. (Please check this with your bank).

What happens if I encounter financial difficulty during the contract term?

Whilst your balance will remain and you are bound by contract to pay the terms of your agreement, we understand that from time-to-time unforeseen circumstances can occur effecting your finances. Please, in these circumstances call us straight away and we will work together to come to a practical arrangement until things return to relative normality.

Please note: We cannot offer total balance discounts based on financial difficulty during a contracted term. We can assist by lowering some payments to an acceptable level for a short period of time to prevent default on your account, but this measure is a temporary one to assist you, the customer, normal payments should resume at a time deemed reasonable. Failure to adhere to a payment schedule or temporary payment schedule will result in escalation in your account towards court proceedings. If matters reach a court environment a CCJ will significantly impede your ability for future credit applications as well as other financial issues and recovery of goods and outstanding balances may be enforced by the court. Always read the terms and conditions of your rental purchase/ rental contract.