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Range of Televisions from 55″ to 65″

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  • Philips 55pus7906 1

    Philips 55″ 4K UHD Android TV 55PUS7906

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  • 55PUS8897

    Philips 55″ 4K UHD LED Android TV 55PUS8897

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  • 58pus8507 1

    Philips 58″ 4K UHD LED Android TV 58PUS8507 (2022 Model)

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  • 65pus8108

    Philips 65″ 4K UHD Android TV 65PUS8108

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  • 65pus8897 1

    Philips 65″ 4K UHD LED Android TV 65PUS8897/12

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  • Sale! Tclp725k 1

    TCL 55″ 4K HDR Dolby Vision Android Hands-free TV 55P725K

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  • Tcl 55p638 1

    TCL 55″ 4K HDR TV​ with Google TV 55P638 and Game Master​

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  • 65 65p635 1

    TCL 65″ 4K HDR Google TV 65P635

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  • 43p735 1

    TCL 65″ 4K HDR Google TV 65P735

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  • Sale! Tcl 50p638k 1

    TCL 65″ 4K HDR TV​ 65P638K with Android TV​ and Game Master

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  • Sale! 85c64 Keyvi Front

    TCL 65″ 4K QLED TV with Google TV and Game Master 2.0

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Rent to Buy 55″ – 65″ TVs

55-65 inch TVs offer an incredibly immersive viewing experience with a large and detailed display that brings your favorite movies and TV shows to life. Enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home with crystal clear picture quality.

Renting to buy a 55-65 inch TV provides an affordable and flexible option to upgrade your home entertainment system, while also having the option to own it at the end of the rental period. With a larger display, you can enjoy an immersive viewing experience that will make you feel like you’re in the action.

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