PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player


Release Date: Wednesday 15th November 2023

Feel the Power of PlayStation® in the Palm of Your Hand*. Play your PS5® console over your home Wi-Fi with console quality controls using PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player*.

Experience the incredible immersion of DualSense® wireless controller features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in supported games**.

  • Rent to buy£5.7452 weeks
  • Rent to Buy£3.80104 weeks

Representative Example

Weekly Payment£5.74
Cash Price£199
Number of Weeks52 Weeks
Representative APR99.9%
Total Payable£298.48

Representative Example

Weekly Payment£3.80
Cash Price£199
Number of Weeks104 Weeks
Representative APR99.9%
Total Payable£395.20


The Handheld Gateway to Your PS5® Games

Put Your PS5 in the Palm of Your Hand

PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player gives you access to the games on your PS5® console** over your home Wi-Fi*, letting you jump into gaming on a gorgeous 8” LCD screen capable of 1080p resolution play at 60fps***, all without needing to play on a TV.

Play Your Game Collection

PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player can play compatible games you have installed on your PS5® console, including your favourite games for PS5 and PS4**.

Experience Breathtaking Immersion with DualSense® Wireless Controller Features

Feel the incredible immersion of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in supported games****.

  • Only for use with PS5® consoles.
  • A PS5™ system (sold separately) is required to use PlayStation Portal™.
  • Only one PlayStation Portal™ can be connected to a PS5® console at any one time.


* PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player can stream compatible games installed on your PS5 console. PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player requires broadband internet Wi-Fi with at least 5Mbps for use. For a better play experience, a high-speed connection of at least 15Mbps is recommended. The quality and connectivity of your play experience may vary depending on your network environment. A PS5 console and account for PlayStation Network is required. Account holders must be 7 years or older and users under 18 require parental consent. The PS5 console must be connected to a broadband internet connection, powered on fully or in Rest Mode, and it must be paired with your PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player.

** Games that require a VR headset (PlayStation VR or PlayStation VR2) or additional peripherals (other than a DUALSHOCK 4, DualSense, or DualSense Edge wireless controller) are not compatible. Games that must be streamed on PS5 using a PS Plus Premium membership are not compatible. Haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features available when supported by game.

*** Individual game performance will vary based on the specific game being played, and the quality of connectivity in your network environment.

**** Haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features are only available when those features are supported by the game being played.


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